Before you scroll any further, looking for details on our amazing Profitable Launch Bootcamp
Here's how you know whether this event is for you - Ask yourself these 3 questions?

Are you currently working on launching a product/service in your business?
Are you wanting to scale the launch of that product/service?
Do you need help in developing a strategy that allows you to be MORE profitable?
If you anwsered YES to any of these questions
Then you need to be in the room!!

The time is now.  You are the One.
Gone are the days where we spend all of our time, energy and money pouring our heart and soul into serving our clients only to reap a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in exchange for our efforts.  Gone are the days were we spend so much time on the back-end that we don't gain the visibility that we need to actually make sales.  

Thats not God's best for you sis!  I don't want to get all super spiritual on you.  But you know, just like I know, that your purpose is not to kill yourself trying to build a business.  Its not JUST to serve and impact others with your gift.  Your gift is also meant to create wealth and legacy for you and your family.  

And thats what the Profitable Launch Bootcamp is all about!! 
Creating Income AND Impact.
NO MORE.....
Hustle &
Chaos & COnfusion
Frustrating Results
I Repeat.  The time is NOW.  You are the One.
Its time for you to shift.  Shift into seamless and systems.    

Our Focus During Our Time Together is on 3 Things!!
And 3 Things Only....
• Helping you develop a strategic plan that is aligned with your brand and your revenue goals.
• Helping you develop a rinse and repeat model that you can duplicate.
Doing the work IN THE ROOM

This is not a conference! 
There will not be speakers! 
Only work being done in the room!
Here are the areas of your launch that we'll cover
Walk away knowing which services, which products, which events should go on your calendar and how to price each and every one of them.
Walk away not only having a clear understanding of your revenue goal but also knowing exactly where that money will come from.
Walk away understanding which marketing activities align with your brand, and the marketing messages to attach your ideal client.
Walk away having developed a sales structure for your launch that includes  sales scripts, sales techniques and systems to help you scale.
Walk away with the exact timeline for your launch and every item that needs to be done in order to meet your deadlines and your revenue goal. 
Walk away with tools, strategies and techniques that will help you effectively manage all of the many pieces of your launch.
Leave with your strategic plan in hand!
that you can use for future launches as well (rinse and repeat)

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